COBRA Services by WageWorks

Under COBRA, employees and their covered family members can elect a temporary extension of their health benefits in certain instances where their group coverage would normally end. This extended coverage can last from 18 to 36 months, depending on the event. For employers with 20 or more employees, complying with COBRA regulations can be an administrative burden.

As part of our COBRA services we:

  • Produce and send initial notification letters to all employees who become eligible after
    WageWorks begins administration.
  • Produce and send Qualifying Event Notifications, which include general information
    about COBRA, an enrollment form, a premium computation form and a HIPAA certificate.
  • Accept payments directly from the qualified beneficiary.
  • Work directly with your insurance companies to report eligibility, changes and terminations.
  • Generate detailed monthly eligibility and premium reports.
  • Provide Web Access. Clients can report COBRA administration tasks to us via the web.
    No more forms to complete and fax or mail! Participants can access the status of their
    COBRA continuation coverage, payment information, and more.

Additional COBRA Information

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