Frequently Asked Questions

How do we verify that the take care Card is used ONLY for qualified expenses?

The IRS requires that we, as your plan service provider, verify all Card swipes. Most swipes are automatically verified:

Card swipes for co-pays or multiple co-pays at qualified locations such as the doctor's office.
Card swipes at IIAS retailers. (Inventory Information Approval System).This is because IIAS retailers allow only qualified plan expenses to be paid with the take care® Card. Therefore, when the cardholder's shopping basket contains both qualified healthcare items and other merchandise, the transactions will be automatically split and the cardholder will be asked for another form of payment to complete the purchase. Click here for the most up-to-date list of merchants with the IRS-approved inventory system.

When a Card swipe is automatically verified, we will not request a receipt be provided to us. (The IRS requires the participant to retain all itemized merchant receipts as well as the take care Card receipts.)

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