Advantages to Employers

You'll save payroll taxes.

You'll save approximately 8% on every dollar employees set aside from their paychecks to budget for healthcare. (This is true for employees earning less than the maximum amount taxed for Social Security.) Click here to see how employers save.

Cushion health insurance rate increases

Many employers are passing along a portion of healthcare premiums to employees. A take care® plan can be implemented with a simple change that will lessen the impact on an employee's paycheck.

Lower your health insurance costs

An employer's insurance cost can be lowered by coordinating changes to your health plan with the installation of take care.

Save on retirement plan expense and other insurance premiums

When employees set aside pre-tax payroll deductions for take care, your contributions to 401(k), pensions and workers' comp may also be reduced since they are based on lower taxable salaries.

Plan fees can be paid by employer or participants

Administrative costs are tax deductible and can be paid by you or your employees. Fees can be collected by pre-tax payroll deduction from the employee's take care account.

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