Compliance Alerts

2017 Index Figures - Year End Reminder (Oct. 2016)

2016 Index Figures - Year End Reminder (Nov. 2015)

Application of Retroactive Increase in Excludible Transit Benefits, IRS Notice 2015-2 (Jan. 2015)

Three New Facts about Individual Insurance Reform (Dec. 2014)

2015 Index Figures - Year End Reminder (Dec. 2014)

Congress Retroactively Increases Monthly Transit and Vanpooling Limit for 2014 (Dec. 2014)

New Permitted Election Changes for Cafeteria Plans (Nov. 2014)

Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits and Debit Card Payments

New Index Figures for 2015

New Model COBRA Notices and Clarification on COBRA and Marketplace Coverage

IRS Announces Increased 2015 HSA Index Figures
IRS Memorandum on Flexible Benefits Plan Carryover Option and HSA Eligibility
New Rules for Excepted Benefits
IRS Guidance on DOMA
2014 Indexed Figures
Affordable Care Act Changes for Flexible Spending Accounts
Affordable Care Act Changes for Health Reimbursement Arrangements
Monthly Transit Limit to drop to $125 (indexed) for 2014 unless Congress acts
Reinsurance Fees and Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Fees
Index Figures for 2013 - Revised
IRS Increases Parking and Transit Limits, Releases Additional Tax Changes for 2013
Fiscal Cliff Legislation Resolves a Wide Range of Benefit Issues
2013 Indexed Figures
IRS Announces Increased 2013 HSA Index Figures
$2,500 Limit for Health Care FSAs under the Affordable Care Act

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